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Ever wonder if your home was creating your money loss,
relationship challenges, poor sleep or health issues?  

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The First FREE Course Video selected just for you covers... 
Clearing Clutter for Good Energy Flow.  Did you know a critical step in attracting what you desire is to "let go" and create a VOID?  The Universe loves to fill a VOID!  A positive way to create a VOID in your life is to clear clutter from your environment!  In this video receive simple steps to control clutter build up for good.  Understand why clutter accumulates and receive tips for your office, child's bedroom, garage and closets.  Reduce stress and anxiety with Patt's simple suggestions to deal with clutter.

The Second FREE Course Video selected just for you focuses on...
Outdoor Landscapes.  
 In this video you will receive everything you want to know about protecting your home from money loss, and health challenges with outdoor landscape ideas.  Plus learn the importance of where your home, condo or apartment is located in your neighborhood for your success!  I have seen fast results within 3 days after Feng Shui solutions were implemented!

The Third FREE Course Video selected just for you is all about...
Bedrooms: Good Feng Shui Bedrooms & Floor Plans.  
In this video you will receive several floor plan examples to best arrange your bedroom.  Plus you will see photos of sample bedrooms and why the design helps you get a better nights sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve your health.  Having a good nights sleep is the first step in good health leading to career advancement and increased wealth!

Learn the Secrets of Wealth Creation applied by Chinese emperors for thousands of years.  Enjoy illustrations and photos as Patt takes you into the world of Traditional Feng Shui and receive easy tips that can help you create more wealth, improve your health, and enjoy harmonious relationships.  Now you can create an environment that is beautiful, feels good, and brings you wealth, health and harmony with an experienced Feng Shui Interior Designer by your side!

“I have had my yearly Feng Shui Reports done by Patt on both my home and my business for over 10 years now. There is a noticeable difference in the flow and ease of my life, relationships, and finances when I am following the Feng Shui suggestions,” says Melodi Calderwood, Owner, Pacific Breeze Salon.

The Ancient Chinese “nature science” applied to your home and/or business can transform your life, increase your cash flow, improve health, and create harmony in your relationships immediately.

Patt Sendejas brings over 30 years of experience in design and architecture to her Feng Shui Professional Training courses, on-site consultations, tele-classes, live seminars and coaching programs. Patt has been retained for speaking by clients such as: Homeland Security LAX, Independent Community of Bankers of America-National Convention in Las Vegas, Hyatt Hotel – Palm Springs, Farmers Insurance Group Corporate, and Celebrity Cruise Lines.

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