“What a great course!  I'm on Video 18.  Just wanted to say thank you.  This really demystifies feng shui.  I have quite a few books of varying styles and have always wanted to learn the classical/traditional style that doesn't rely on mirrors, crystals, and superstition.  I've had a luopan for about 15 years -- glad it's finally going to get used.”

Lisa Mielke – www.lisatheeyebrowqueen.com

jess-profile“I really enjoyed the Feng Shui Crash Course and was motivated to remove 18 bags of stuff from my home! I rearranged my bedroom according to the course suggestions so that my bed is in my best direction for my Feng Shui personality type. I find I sleep better and I feel so much better with less clutter. The course was so easy to understand with sample photos for outdoor and indoor Feng Shui suggestions. It is a great do it yourself course.
I also liked the fact the videos were short so I could take in the information at my own pace coming back to watch a video 24/7.
The member site makes it so easy to access the course.”Jessica Sitomer, Actress/Writer/Speaker – Host of Happily Ever After – talk show